What’s Ahead in 2012?

Old Town Hill, Newbury, MA

Yesterday we stumbled across a lovely path next to the marsh in Newbury.  It was not planned.  We were on our way to some ordinary errands. Not expecting to go for a walk, on the drive we had been singing the French round, Vent frais, vent du matin, Fresh wind, morning wind–it ends up saying Let’s go to the high wind.  The store we went to didn’t have the lumber Lionel wanted for the goat bed and so we tried another place, that was not a good solution either and we headed on to the next errand and I remembered a road I had discovered recently returning from a yoga class.  We pass through the salt marsh and found a road that passed by a conservation area with trails and decided to stop.  As we walked through the woods looking down on the Parker River winding through the marsh, the wind was intermittently making beautiful music through the trees and it was a blissful day.

For New Year’s Eve, we’ve been struggling with what we each would like to do this year.  Nothing really grabs us, socializing, dancing, but today I thought about a ritual to welcome the new year.  I do think 2012 will be significant and full of change.  If it’s anything like 2011 that would only be par for the course at this point.

So setting intentions of what is desired and letting go of what is not seems to be the ticket for New Year’s Eve this year, however, the experience of this beautiful walk reminds me that despite all plans Serendipity, Synchronicity is still a wonderful part of the mix.