G is for Green Light, Goddess, Gaia, and Goodness



I have been mulling the announcement by certain individuals that Mass Arrests will begin shortly with a reset of the Global Financial System.  While I would love this, something is “fishy”. It does feel as thought certain “bloggers” thrive on creating this narrative and drama and bringing in readers and followers with the plot.  But, with this announcement that the positive military plus ET’s have actually started the action, it seems some of these “bloggers” were knocked off balance.  It’s as though someone stole their thunder, by starting the Act III denouement while they were still planning their efforts to keep their followers stringing along with this story for a long time.  Now they are silent, not knowing exactly what to do.  If fact it looks like after having to regroup, they are now announcing that when the arrests don’t happen on July 4, they have more info, so come back to their site.  It’s really been confusing to sort this out according to my own inner “truth” and authority.  But we all must do that.

Here is where I am after some meditation.  We are all creating our own individual realities, and as a collective, and we also create a collective reality.  I wish it were true that change such as the Green Light scenario would happen in such a drastic totally transformational way with no adverse social ramifications but I find it unlikely that enough humans are dreaming that scenario, to make it happen. I am still not crystal clear on this nature of a collective reality.  But here is a video from my old friend Bashar that I resonate with very much and it clears a lot up for me: