Make yourself happy or give to “Other” as the first priority?

Lately I’m puzzled by varying ideas of the purpose or goal of this Game of Life or Virtual Reality or, just “what is”.  I have gotten a great deal of useful and exciting information over the past 15 years from Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, and truly my life has changed so much from struggle towards abundance, ease and joy.  One of the central ideas of Abraham’s teachings is that we are not here to please others, and in fact, by making sure that we are happy, we do the most good for others in our lives.  Where years ago, I used to look at life as a school, for the soul to learn lessons and work out karma, I began to look at the purpose of life as creation, and the more joyful we can make the creation the better.

Lately I started listening to physicist, consciousness researcher, Tom Campbell , explaining his theory of Life as a Virtual Reality, a large information system, which he does not deify, but all and the same, had Love as its ultimate goal.  He feels that in all situations, the highest or best action , or choice,  is the most loving one, thinking of how self can give or help Other in order to evolve individually and by doing so help the whole system to evolve.

So, given that some spiritual teachers advocate turning your will over to Divine Will, and letting your Higher Self take command of you life in order to ascend, and Abraham’s method of making yourself as joyful as possible, follow your bliss, Joseph Campbell, Bashar, follow your excitement . .

I am really in a place of not knowing – Thank you.  I love you “not knowing”.  More to come, as this sorts out . . any comments appreciated.