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Summary in process. Collaboration of Gaia Light groups is at a height never attained upon the planet until this now moment. Individual Hue-mans are receiving their collective assignments at…

Open to the Light – Flower of Mystery

Does anyone recognize this flower? A whole bed grows in my garden and blooms in late summer and I don’t know what they are. We may now “get” information in new ways from… Continue reading

Who is this? Can you guess?

I had to laugh when I rotated this photo.  He is GREEN and gives off a GREEN LIGHT 🙂   One hint, I found him in my vegetable garden. This has been a lush… Continue reading

G is for Green Light, Goddess, Gaia, and Goodness

  I have been mulling the announcement by certain individuals that Mass Arrests will begin shortly with a reset of the Global Financial System.  While I would love this, something is “fishy”. It… Continue reading

Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion



Our first wisteria blossom.

For Mother

I received the most beautiful flowers from my dear husband.  This is the first Mother’s Day since Gertrude A. Pfaff, my sweet Mom made her transition.   But I am sure her spirit visits… Continue reading

What a gorgeous rainbow today. I walked on the beach and asked how can it get any better than this?

today is the day – which do you like best?

What’s Ahead in 2012?

Yesterday we stumbled across a lovely path next to the marsh in Newbury.  It was not planned.  We were on our way to some ordinary errands. Not expecting to go for a walk,… Continue reading