Happy Holidays!  Think SNOW!!! Advertisements

First batch of Kombucha

The first batch of Kombucha is very tasty and we’re so happy. The two first bottles are flavored with cranberry from cape cod cranberries and a berry-cherry organic flavoring.

Dear One

We had a nice Thanksgiving holiday and Rowan’s friend Allie took this wonderful shot of Rowan on Plum Island.


My friend Ken Grout has a part in an upcoming short film entitled Moneytubes.  I can’t wait to see him play the bad guy. Cast.

Vocational Arousal

I learned this new phrase, Vocational Arousal, from Barbara Marx Hubbard today. How intriguing. I can relate to her description of female creators as moving from the pro-creative phases into co-creative phrases. Hallelujah,… Continue reading

Late Bloomers

I have been reading a lot about ascension again. There’s possibilities, so many of them. Even now. .

Dance Bliss

I love this photo of my daughter, Rowan at a contra dance weekend.

Helping Others Lift Off

 Lionel is in France and I miss him already. Here is one of his beautiful Plum Island photographs.

Critical Mass

Love is infinitely more powerful than Fear (false evidence appearing real).  Focus on invoking the Violet Flame.