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Peace Wendell Berry


The Garden – Synchronicity

I am reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda.  I was very surprised to find this book, and more so that I had not ever heard of it before when it is… Continue reading

Make yourself happy or give to “Other” as the first priority?

Lately I’m puzzled by varying ideas of the purpose or goal of this Game of Life or Virtual Reality or, just “what is”.  I have gotten a great deal of useful and exciting… Continue reading

G is for Green Light, Goddess, Gaia, and Goodness

  I have been mulling the announcement by certain individuals that Mass Arrests will begin shortly with a reset of the Global Financial System.  While I would love this, something is “fishy”. It… Continue reading

Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion



Our first wisteria blossom.